Copper Colored Iron DIY Downspout Rain Chain Galvanized Bucket
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Product Details


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Copper Colored Iron DIY Downspout Rain Chain Galvanized Bucket

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  • 360 PCS 

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Product Description

iron copper_ 8-cup-01 Metal Rain Chain
Size 3.75"*3.75"*66"
Color copper
Chain Length 5.5'
Applies to Cups Make a Beautiful Alternative to Ugly Downspouts

Product Details

Charming garden rain chain: Gorgeous wind chimes and cups are a beautiful alternative to ugly downspouts , hang from the gutter and watch the water collect and flow from your house to the lovely waterfall display.

Charming cup design: The adjustable chain includes multiple cups optimally spaced to direct the maximum amount of water to the ground, watering can, rain barrel or basin, with a choice of tulip flower shaped, bell shaped or jug shaped cups.

Simple to install: the set comes ready to hang with built-in V-hooks for placement in gutter holes.

A delightful drainage solution: inspired by centuries of Japanese design, the rain chain produces a soothing chime and acts as a functional, eco-friendly water feature for all seasons, adding instant elegance to any guttering system.

iron copper_ 12-cup-05

iron copper_ 12-cup-03

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